Welcome, Interoccupy Arts and occupywithart.com visitors!

I was fortunate  to attend the first Interoccupy Art conference call (held this past wednesday night). There were occupiers from dozens of cities there, mostly in the US and a few in Canada and Australia. I announced the Mapping Utopias project there and heard about some other amazing local and national (US) occupy-based projects. Its thrilling to see how central arts and culture projects and processes are to this movement, and to watch artists become more organized and expand their reach going into these winter months. Soon I will post a summary of highlights from the call, and you can also read the minutes here.

In my 90 second presentation there was little time to get into the details of this project. So if you are visiting here from the shout-out on occupywithart.com or from the conference call, have a look around at the about pages here and here and especially HERE, and browse through the blog.

We are looking for full collective members, point people for cities and towns, and people wanting to be involved to any degree from small to large. We are working on a small guide full of ideas about getting started doing collective mapping projects with your group, your friends, or your occupation. I’d love for more people to get involved in experimenting with these tools and models, and helping build this work…both the maps themselves, and the facilitation tools and workshop activities that support people to produce them.

I would like to host another conference call for anyone interested in this project. I can explain more about it and open the floor to questions, and then hear your thoughts and ideas in a big group brainstorm. If you are interested in being on the call, please email me at awalsh09 at gmail dot com.

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