These are the screenprints that are being developed by a  group of artists in support of the Archive of Desire. If you have contributed to the Archive of Desire Kickstarter campaign, choose from these!

Print #1 by Amy Walsh. “Everything that is taken from the land…”

Print #2 by Jenna Peters-Golden. “The Sacred Green Burial Ground”


Full text of this archive submission, by Tara Rubenstein:

Sacred Green Burial Ground:
Located adjacent to the InSacredBalance Temple/Education/Retreat land, the sacred green burial ground provides land for people to be interred directly into the earth in a traditional ceremony. Bodies are loving cared for in a small temple with all the needed facilities and supplies. The gravestones are beautifully sculpted and set along the graceful spiral/labyrinth pattern of the grounds (which would only be visible in whole from an aerial view). At the center of the spiral/labyrinth is a clearing where ritual and ceremony take place at holy days, such as Samhain, or for kundalini practice. There is a small dwelling at the entrance of the grounds, where a priestess/groundskeeper lives. This guardian presides over the care and energetic safety of the grounds. As the resting place of the ancestors, the burial ground is the site of great joyfulness, intimacy and reverance. It is a safe place, where many come to find their inner voice, to connect to spirit, to be held in the arms of the great mother.

Print #3 by Emmy Bright. “Metaphors of Connection”

So excited to receive this image from Emmy Bright. I love her work, and especially her experiments with pairing words and images. She has had a deep impact on the development of the Archive of Desire, especially the facilitation and teaching tools part.  I’m looking forward to seeing this printed in beautiful inks on an index card like the images above!

Print #4 by Erik Ruin. “People Will Wonder How There Was Ever a Time…”


Thanks To Erik Ruin for his interpretation of this Archive entry. Beautiful! Go visit Erik’s web site, chock full (and getting chock-fuller) of his prolific outpouring of prints, posters, drawings, paper-cuts, projections and more. You can view more of his work for purchase at the Just Seeds Artists Collective.

Print #5 by Ian Cozzens. “Kitchen Work is at the Center of the House…”


Ian of Secret Door Projects makes incredible prints, drawings and other projects, and is one of Providence’s great art treasures in my opinion. He created this drawing for Archive of Desire while thinking about feminist architecture and the role of the kitchen. Love!

Print #6 by Amy Walsh. “Rivers Will Once Again Follow Their Own Changing Courses.”


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